Oh Florida. You just never stop giving.

In the latest from “crazy ass people from FL”, this guy smashed his girlfriend’s cell phone and trashed her car because of a “vision” she’d shared with him involving his dead Grandma and erotic adult toys.


According to Treasure Coast Newspapers crime blogger Will Greenlee, officials came to arrest 28-year-old Floridian Casey Molter for the damage he’d just done on his girlfriend’s ’97 Altima.

Molter told them he’d done it because his girlfriend was a “spiritual person” who could “tell a person about their dreams.”

Which sounds a little weird, but not worthy of wrecking someone’s car.

According to Molter, it was her latest “vision” that really set him off. Allegedly she told Molter “his dead grandmother would appear in his dreams and commit unusual sex acts involving him and an adult toy.”

For that unwanted prediction, he allegedly slashed the Altima’s tires, broke its side mirror, and adorned it with a single used condom.

Molter was arrested for criminal mischief.