A Vancouver woman claims she received second-degree burns during exotic dancer Brent Ray Fraser's fiery act.A steamy ladies night at a Vancouver bar has resulted in a lawsuit being filed in B.C. Supreme Court in which a patron claims she was literally scorched by an exotic dancer’s fiery act.

In a notice of civil claim, Kristin Momeyer says she received second-degree burns to her hands and left leg when Brent Ray Fraser’s performance went awry in June 2013.

“Fraser came onto the dance floor with a skillet or a small metal mixing bowl, which he lit on fire. The skillet then overturned, splashing fire onto the plaintiff,” the claim reads.

Momeyer is suing Fraser, AuBar Nightclub and the owner of a company which allegedly supplies exotic dancers to local businesses.

‘I consoled the bride’

In an email to CBC News, Fraser claimed he is not to blame for the incident.

“The bride and her party were sitting about four feet away from the flames during my show. Then a patron stumbled on stage during my performance and kicked the pot, spilling the fiery alcohol on the bride’s leg,” he said in the email.