‘Hot convict’ Jeremy Meeks has proved himself a model prisoner.

Despite being behind bars in California for felony possession of a firearm, the 30-year-old has been signed by talent agency, White Cross Management.

Meeks’ baby-blue eyes, razor-sharp cheekbones and chiseled jawline first caught the public’s attention when his mugshot was posted last year on the Stockton Police Department’s Facebook page.

Following Meeks’ signing to the talent management company, ABC reported last week that he said: ‘I’m in a place where I will be able to provide for my family and really change my life.

‘I never thought that everyone in the world would recognize me for my looks, so I feel extremely blessed and very thankful.’

Meeks was convicted in federal court last month of one felony count of possession of a firearm after being arrested in June 2014.

The judge sentenced him to 27 months in prison and 500 hours in the Bureau of Prisons Substance Abuse Treatment Program.

The 30-year-old is hoping for an early release in November.

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