A Letcher County woman is facing a vandalism charge after allegedly setting her hair on fire at a Tennessee war memorial.

Police say 21-year-old Sabrina Leeann Brock, age 21 of Whitesburg, set her hair and jacket on fire with the flame from a war memorial outside the Hawkins County courthouse on Monday and climbed into a tree.

The Kingsport Times-News reports that while in the tree Brock was screaming she was “burning for Jesus”, that she needed the prescription drug OxyContin and wanted to go home to Kentucky.

According to police, earlier in the day she entered a nearby masonic lodge, took pictures off the walls and stole a small medallion and an antique book.

“As I was coming down the hill she was stuffing her coat into the cup of the eternal flame, and it was flaming up real big,” said Rogersville Police Officer Chris Price.

“She has long blond hair, and it singed part of her hair. Then she turned around and went about three quarters of the way up that big pine tree on the courthouse lawn. I don’t think she was trying to get away from me. That was just her state of mind at the moment,” Price added.