Georgia: It all started when a woman got out of line inside an Athens convenience store, according to police.

The 28-year-old man behind her moved up to the counter to pay for his purchases, he told police. But when the woman came back, she was irritated the man had moved ahead of her, and she let him know.

There was a verbal disagreement inside the Lexington Road Marathon store early Monday. Then, it spilled outside the store, according to the police report.

“He told me that when they went outside of the store, the female bumped him with her breasts and threatened to beat him up,” the report states. “He indicated that he felt he was assaulted.”

The man said the woman was with other men at the time of the alleged assault. The group left in a car, but the alleged victim was able to get the tag number.

Police identified the accused woman, but were unable to contact her, the report states. No charges had been filed in the case as of Wednesday evening, according to Clarke County jail records.