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A Quebec judge failed to reveal that as a lawyer he smoked marijuana for years, had gangsters install a grow operation in his basement and offered legal advice in exchange for cocaine, the Canadian Judicial Council says.

One of the gangsters was later part of a chopper jailbreak in Quebec City.

Judge Michel Girouard was suspended in 2012 after a whistleblower claimed to have sold him $100,000 of cocaine when the judge was still a lawyer.

A Canadian Judicial Council document, released this week, exposed a number of details about the judge’s past life.

The document states Yvon Lamontagne and Denis Lefebvre, two members of a criminal organization, helped him install a marijuana greenhouse in his basement.

Last June, Lefebvre was one of three people who fled a Quebec City jail by helicopter before being recaptured.

Once in custody, Lefebvre said Girouard claimed to be able to give him advice, even after he became a judge, the judicial council alleges.