wtf law Woman Breasts Milk Police Strip Search

A woman has been charged with assaulting a police officer after she allegedly squirted her breast milk at the officer during an altercation.

The incident occurred at Rockingham Police Station, about 50 kilometres south of Perth, on Tuesday, apparently during a body search.

West Australian police confirmed to Daily Mail Australia the 26-year-old was arrested about midday on an outstanding warrant before she was taken to the station.

‘It was while at the Rockingham Police Station that an incident occurred where the woman was further charged with Assault Public Officer,’ police said in a statement.

Perth Now reported that the incident in question occurred during a body search, when the woman was naked from the waist down.

The 26-year-old was rearranging her clothes when she reportedly took hold her breast and squirted the female officer.

The officer was hit with milk on her face, arms and uniform.

The Calista woman appeared at Fremantle Magistrates Court on Tuesday on the arrest warrant and assaulting a police officer charges.

She was refused bail and remanded in custody. The woman will appear in court again next week.

West Australian police could not comment further due to ongoing court proceedings.