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April 2015

FACE-BOOKED! Britain’s dumbest criminals who got caught WEB-handed

But they are not the only bozos who have fallen foul of social media. Here, we bring you the best of Britain’ dumbest crooks who got caught “web-handed”. Cocky teenager Logan Rhys James taunted cops with a “Catch Me If You Can” message on …


Standing nude inside your home and other questionably legal activities

They claim he has stood on his own porch in the nude on a regular basis, but police have said the man isn’t breaking any laws, according to WBTV.

Clowns, lions and aliens – The bizarre questions that West Midlands Police have to answer are …

Two officers even made an off-duty arrest while dressed in onesies while on their way to a fancy dress party in Solihull. Another bizarre request was for …

Alien abductions, fancy dress fights and wild cat sightings among bizarre reports to Walsall police

West Midlands Police have today released a list of bizarre Freedom of Information (FoI) requests, which includes the reports of extra-terrestrial activity …

Police: $70K In Bull Semen Stolen! WTF!

bull semen wtf law lol strange crazy bizarre

The Mower County Sheriff’s office is investigating a major theft from a southern Minnesota farm.

Police say someone stole vials of bull semen from a dairy farm in Leroy worth about $70,000.

Many embryos were also taken from the unlocked barn.

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Why was Google strip view woman SWABBED after she handed herself into police for exposing her breasts to the street mapping camera?

A South Australian law professor has said that police acted ‘outrageously’ by subjecting a woman to an oral swab test after she was reported for flashing her breasts. Karen Davis, from Port Pirie in South Australia, notoriously flashed her K-cup …


Cop suspended after Facebook post on bribe demand goes viral

After the post went viral on social media, the message reached the traffic police headquarters. Additional commissioner of police (traffic) Qaiser Khalid contacted Anthony on March 31 and sought details of the case from him. Anthony then visited the …


Teens arrested after filming popular ‘put ’em in a coffin’ viral prank

Kansas City, MO — Several teens were arrested after police say they damaged at least three vehicles in Kansas City while performing the “Put ’em in a coffin” viral video prank. What they are accused of doing is a dangerous prank that has become a …


Stupid Criminal: Forklift DUI

A 21-year-old man from Alaska was arrested after police say he stole a forklift and drove it three miles to move a truck he had crashed. According to police Aleksander Glushko was driving under the influence when he crashed the truck and left it dangling …


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