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April 2016

Loose alpaca captured in Massachusetts

Daniel Uria
SHIRLEY, Mass., April 29 (UPI) — Police in Massachusetts are seeking the owners of an escaped alpaca seen wandering near a local road.

Baltimore TV station bomb threat turns out to be candy

Shawn Price
BALTIMORE, April 28 (UPI) — A man in a panda suit claiming to have a bomb threatened a Baltimore TV station until he was shot by police as he walked out on to the street.

Missing peacock returned to New York home

Daniel Uria
HUNTINGTON, N.Y., April 28 (UPI) — A runaway peacock was returned to its home on a New York farm after being tracked down by local police.

Labrador helps save Arizona man stranded in snowstorm

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. (AP) — Police say a man wearing only a T-shirt during a snowstorm would have frozen to death at the base of an Arizona mountain had it not been for an alert 2-year-old black Labrador mix.

Moscow schoolgirl fools airport security, flies to St. Petersburg ticketless

Yekaterina Sinelschikova, Russia Beyond the Headlines
An 11-year-old schoolgirl has confounded Russian police and airport officials after managing to fly unnoticed from Moscow to St. Petersburg without documents and tickets.

Cops: Fleeing man jumps into river, runs naked from hospital

PITTSBURGH (AP) — Police say a Pittsburgh man driving a stolen car ditched the vehicle and jumped into a river to escape from authorities. Police say after being captured, he fled naked from a hospital and hid inside a dumpster.

Venomous snake bite leads police to alligators in Wisconsin home

Ben Hooper
ST. FRANCIS, Wis., April 27 (UPI) — Authorities in Wisconsin said a venomous snake bite led to the removal of six snakes and two alligators from a St. Francis home.

Escaped cows stop traffic, cause low speed pursuit in California

Daniel Uria
MODESTO, Calif., April 27 (UPI) — A group of three cows led police on a chase and slowed traffic in California after falling out of a trailer near a local highway.

Russian girl, age 10, flies without ticket or ID

MOSCOW (AP) — Russian transport police say a 10-year old girl flew from Moscow to St. Petersburg without identification or a ticket.

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