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Seattle’s famously stubborn #ManInTree charged with mischief, assault

A Seattle Police Officer talks to a man in a tree in Seattle, Washington in this photo provided by the Seattle Fire DepartmentA man who refused for 25 hours to climb down from the canopy of a giant sequoia in downtown Seattle was charged on Monday with malicious mischief and assault over his treetop standoff, which drew national headlines and created a sensation on social media. Prosecutors also requested a court order to keep Cody Lee Miller, 28, from going near the 80-foot-tall (24-meter) tree again, according to charging documents filed in King County on Monday. Miller was arrested last week after a day-long confrontation with authorities who tried to cajole him down from the tree, located on public property in downtown Seattle, police said.

Man tells police- woman assaulted him with her breasts! WTF!


Georgia: It all started when a woman got out of line inside an Athens convenience store, according to police.

The 28-year-old man behind her moved up to the counter to pay for his purchases, he told police. But when the woman came back, she was irritated the man had moved ahead of her, and she let him know.

There was a verbal disagreement inside the Lexington Road Marathon store early Monday. Then, it spilled outside the store, according to the police report.

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