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Woman accused of impersonating police, flashing children

Police say when Kemp thought they were looking, she pulled down her shirt, exposing her breasts. Kemp was then taken into custody, where she faces counts of indecent exposure and impersonating a police officer.


Affidavit: Doctor gave woman bogus breast, pelvic exams

A nurse drew her blood, then left the exam room, leaving the woman alone with the doctor with the door closed, police said. Saxena asked the woman if she ever had a breast or a pelvic examination, she told police. When she replied she hadn’t, she said he …


Busted! Peeping Tom ‘disguised’ as a woman is caught lurking in ladies’ toilets – after his exceptionally large breasts raised suspicions

But the culprit – only identified by his surname Zhang – seems to have some very unusual ideas when it comes to women’s anatomy, as his outfit predominantly featured a pair of exceptionally large breasts. Police arrested Zhang when he was caught …


Man arrested for stealing raw chicken!

wtf law raw chicken dumb criminal legal police

A man was allegedly caught shoplifting from a Food Lion late Friday night.

According to a police report, police initiated a stop on a man matching the description of the shoplifting suspect. Police found 10 packages of raw chicken breasts in 52-year-old Kenny Narron’s backpack, valued at $83.90.

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Woman squirted BREAST MILK at police during strip search! WTF!?

wtf law Woman Breasts Milk Police Strip Search

A woman has been charged with assaulting a police officer after she allegedly squirted her breast milk at the officer during an altercation.

The incident occurred at Rockingham Police Station, about 50 kilometres south of Perth, on Tuesday, apparently during a body search.

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Man tells police- woman assaulted him with her breasts! WTF!


Georgia: It all started when a woman got out of line inside an Athens convenience store, according to police.

The 28-year-old man behind her moved up to the counter to pay for his purchases, he told police. But when the woman came back, she was irritated the man had moved ahead of her, and she let him know.

There was a verbal disagreement inside the Lexington Road Marathon store early Monday. Then, it spilled outside the store, according to the police report.

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