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Man ‘raped and murdered his own mother whilst high on cocaine’, court told

Mr Laws told the court: “The evidence suggests she was attacked while she was in bed asleep. It was a surprise attack. She stood no chance against …

Video: Tailor held for taking woman’s sizes

Saudi Arabia’s religious police arrested an expatriate Asian tailor three days after a film showing him taking the measurements of a local veiled woman triggered public uproar after going viral on social media networks. The YouTube film, published by Sada …


Viral witness in police custody, suspected of misdemeanor theft

The witness heard ’round the world has been placed under arrest. This week, Courtney Barnes’ colorful account of a police car crash in Mississippi made him an overnight celebrity. Thursday, he was arrested on allegations of shoplifting and charged …


Viral video allegedly shows officers eating pot-laced edibles during raid

In surveillance video footage that has quickly gone viral, Santa Ana police officers appear to eat products at a marijuana dispensary that they were raiding. The L.A. Times claims one officer appears to give the thumbs-up sign as he consumes the marijuana …


Over-the-Top Eyewitness Account of Police Chase and Accident Goes Viral

Here’s what happened: A police chase in Jackson, Mississippi, ended with the suspect’s van crashing into a police cruiser on Monday. The officer in the car was injured but is in stable condition, while the suspect fled the scene. But an eyewitness’s …


“Britain’s Dumbest Criminal” tries to hide stolen car at POLICE station … in front of police

Heywood and Middleton police put out dumbest criminal alert on Twitter and Facebook Credit: GMP Greater Manchester Police say they have found “Britain’s dumbest criminal” after a thief tried to hide a stolen Mercedes in the police station car park.


Austin Police Investigating Viral Pepper Spray Video

A YouTube video that has gone viral shows police in Austin, Texas, blasting bystanders with pepper spray during the course of arresting another person. According to the man who took the video, this incident happened at approximately 1:30 a.m. ET Sunday on …


What the future of crime looks like

“Only the really, really dumb criminals are doing bank heists,” said. In 2013, a crime ring sent prepaid MasterCard debit cards, which had been hacked to have big balances and no withdrawal limit, to associates in 27 different countries, including the U.S …


Image of hunky American police officer goes viral after thousands of women say they would commit crimes to meet him

An American police officer has been admired by thousands of women on social media for his muscular physique and handsome face. The anonymous NYPD cop was photographed leaning against his police car, clutching what appears to be a can of beer with his bulky …


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