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Police track Hollywood nude photo hacking to Chicago houses

Police launched an investigation to find the culprits, and documents … and sexually explicit photographs of dozens of female celebrities… and that …

Standing nude inside your home and other questionably legal activities

They claim he has stood on his own porch in the nude on a regular basis, but police have said the man isn’t breaking any laws, according to WBTV.

Naked Dude Tasered In The Penis After Lunging At Police Officer [VIDEO!]

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A naked man was tasered in the penis after he attempted to run towards a police officer as he was getting out of his car. The man was taken down by the several thousand volts running through his penis and was then arrested Austin, Texas‘ men in blue.

Law WTF Tasered Penis Police Nude Naked Crazy

Prosecutors: Virginia Mother Had Her Children Take Nude Pictures of Her for Prostitution Ads

Laws WTF Sex Ad Pictures: Nataliya Davis

A Sterling, Virginia, woman was sentenced to one year in prison for child neglect after police said they found evidence of prostitution in her home.

Loudoun County prosecutors said in one child welfare check at 44-year-old Nataliya Davis’ home, an officer found a child sitting on the lap of an adult man who was not a relative, and there were roaches in multiple rooms of the house.

A tenant in Davis’ house told police he saw different men entering and leaving the home to meet with Davis for short periods.

Investigators said Davis posted internet advertisements to solicit sex; surveillance showed Davis escorting men in and out of her residence.

Authorities said after executing a search warrant at Davis’ home, they found nude or partially nude digital photographs of Davis which matched photos from her Internet advertisements. Prosecutors said Davis’ 8- and 9-year-old children could be seen in the background of photographs.

While in jail awaiting trial, Davis made phone calls to a third party in which she confirmed she’d had her children take nude photographs of her for her advertisements, prosecutors said.

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The good times Penn State frat boys had while posting Facebook pics of nude unconscious coeds

The result could be criminal charges, local police said on Tuesday. … “Some of the postings were of nude females that appeared to be passed out and …

Penn State Frat Suspended Over Facebook Page Filled With Photos of Nude, Unconscious Women

A fraternity at Pennsylvania State University has been suspended after police accused members of operating a secret Facebook page that featured …

Police say naked man standing in doorway is not breaking law, neighbors fed up

Residents in a Charlotte neighborhood say they are fed up with a neighbor they say stands at the front door of his home naked, but police say he's not …

Court: Man illegally taped encounter with naked prostitute

A District III Court of Appeals judge found that Charles W. Adams had no legitimate reason to surreptitiously record the encounter and the woman did …

Prosecutors: Millard North teacher asked for nude photos, inappropriately touched student

Police say the victim reported the inappropriate contact to a school resource officer last Friday, who then contacted police. The girl was then taken to …

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