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Exotic dancer sued after patron burned during fiery act

A Vancouver woman claims she received second-degree burns during exotic dancer Brent Ray Fraser's fiery act.A steamy ladies night at a Vancouver bar has resulted in a lawsuit being filed in B.C. Supreme Court in which a patron claims she was literally scorched by an exotic dancer’s fiery act.

In a notice of civil claim, Kristin Momeyer says she received second-degree burns to her hands and left leg when Brent Ray Fraser’s performance went awry in June 2013.

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Woman Sues Corrections Corp. Over Strip Search To Prove She Was Menstruating!

A Tennessee woman filed suit in federal court Thursday, alleging that corrections officers at a prison owned and operated by Corrections Corporation of America required her to expose her genitalia to officers so they could “verify” that she was menstruating after they spotted a feminine sanitary napkin in her pocket.

The lawsuit seeks to have CCA’s “strip-search policy” declared unconstitutional along with compensatory and punitive damages for the officers’ “unconscionable and callous regard” for the woman’s rights.

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