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Police: $70K In Bull Semen Stolen! WTF!

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The Mower County Sheriff’s office is investigating a major theft from a southern Minnesota farm.

Police say someone stole vials of bull semen from a dairy farm in Leroy worth about $70,000.

Many embryos were also taken from the unlocked barn.

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Burglars Mistook Cremated Remains For Cocaine! WTF!


A trio of teenage burglars who stole cash, jewelry, electronics, and prescription drugs from a Missouri residence also thought they got away with a stash of cocaine they found in a wooden box, only to later discover that the powder was actually the cremated remains of the homeowner’s father, police report.

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Dumb criminals sending bragging video to victim’s iCloud!

Police say two men in Houston, Texas used a stolen iPad to upload a video to the victim’s iCloud, in which which they brag about stealing his money.

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