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New rules for Law Schools as a result of widespread FRAUD in reporting grads’ success! WTF!?

U.S. law schools face renewed scrutiny over claims about their ability to find work for their graduates, a crucial selling point amid one of the legal industry’s worst-ever job markets. Some of the schools have been creating temporary jobs for grads by paying nonprofits and others to employ them, a move that in some cases has boosted the schools’ standings in the much-followed U.S. News & World Report rankings. A new rule adopted last week by the accrediting arm of the American Bar Association will tighten such claims, giving law schools less credit for jobs that they subsidize.

These so-called “bridge-to-practice” fellowships typically pay graduates $1,000 to $4,000 a month for jobs in the nonprofit or public sectors that often expire within a year.

Prosecutors: Virginia Mother Had Her Children Take Nude Pictures of Her for Prostitution Ads

Laws WTF Sex Ad Pictures: Nataliya Davis

A Sterling, Virginia, woman was sentenced to one year in prison for child neglect after police said they found evidence of prostitution in her home.

Loudoun County prosecutors said in one child welfare check at 44-year-old Nataliya Davis’ home, an officer found a child sitting on the lap of an adult man who was not a relative, and there were roaches in multiple rooms of the house.

A tenant in Davis’ house told police he saw different men entering and leaving the home to meet with Davis for short periods.

Investigators said Davis posted internet advertisements to solicit sex; surveillance showed Davis escorting men in and out of her residence.

Authorities said after executing a search warrant at Davis’ home, they found nude or partially nude digital photographs of Davis which matched photos from her Internet advertisements. Prosecutors said Davis’ 8- and 9-year-old children could be seen in the background of photographs.

While in jail awaiting trial, Davis made phone calls to a third party in which she confirmed she’d had her children take nude photographs of her for her advertisements, prosecutors said.

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Prince Andrew could avoid giving evidence in US sex slave case

PRINCE Andrew could avoid having to give evidence about a “sex slave” who claims she slept with him after prosecutors launched a bid to have her court battle thrown out.

Prosecutors have asked a court in Florida to throw out Virginia Roberts plea to be allowed to join two other women who are suing the US Government over the lenient treatment given to financier Jeffrey Epstein.

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Study Shows 20 Percent Of High School Girls Experience Physical Or Sexual Abuse While Dating

Abusive relationships start as early as high school, according to a study. … while 10.4 percent experienced at least one form of teen dating violence.

Senator Patrick Leahy & PayPal try to stop encryption on the internet!

SOPA proponent Senator Patrick Leahy personally pressured Visa and Mastercard who in turn called on PayPal to terminate the Mega’s account. Bizarrely, Mega’s encryption is being cited as a key problem.

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Parents of teen who died after hitting head on overpass sues double-decker bus company

The parents of a Mira Costa High School student who died after hitting his head on a freeway overpass in Inglewood while riding on the upper deck of an open-air, double-decker bus are suing the company.

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South Carolina Cop suspended in for repeatedly punching man in the head [VIDEO]

A cop employed by the Columbia Police Department in South Carolina has been suspended without pay after a video emerged showing the officer repeatedly punching a man who had been lying face-down on the ground.

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Priest Arrested in Florida; Accused of Child Porn on Phone

A Catholic priest from India was jailed after asking a 14-year-old boy to help him delete dozens of images of child pornography from his phone, authorities said.

When questioned by police, the Rev. Jose Palimattom said he had been reprimanded by his superiors in India for his involvement with a boy, authorities said. When he came to the U.S., the pastor at Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Church in West Palm Beach told him he was not allowed to have contact with minors without another adult present, and was restricted from using Facebook, according to a police report.

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Woman Seen in Viral Video Punching Baby Arrested

Guam Police have arrested 44 year old Yu Hua Han for punching a 10 month old baby in the face at the Micronesia Mall yesterday. Police say she …

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