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Man calls 911 while being arrested

A LaGrange man called 911 on his cellphone during a traffic stop Wednesday as police were arresting him.

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Man tells police- woman assaulted him with her breasts! WTF!


Georgia: It all started when a woman got out of line inside an Athens convenience store, according to police.

The 28-year-old man behind her moved up to the counter to pay for his purchases, he told police. But when the woman came back, she was irritated the man had moved ahead of her, and she let him know.

There was a verbal disagreement inside the Lexington Road Marathon store early Monday. Then, it spilled outside the store, according to the police report.

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Stratford police issue warning about drug called ‘shatter’

Stratford police say shatter, as well as methamphetamine, cocaine, marijuana and prescription medication were seized by the Street Crime Unit on …

Prince Andrew could avoid giving evidence in US sex slave case

PRINCE Andrew could avoid having to give evidence about a “sex slave” who claims she slept with him after prosecutors launched a bid to have her court battle thrown out.

Prosecutors have asked a court in Florida to throw out Virginia Roberts plea to be allowed to join two other women who are suing the US Government over the lenient treatment given to financier Jeffrey Epstein.

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Dumb Criminal: Wanted Man Turns Himself in After Commenting on Facebook Police Post

Butler County Sheriff’s deputies confirm the man who responded to his own wanted poste has turned himself in.

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Video shows Dallas police shooting mentally ill man

Newly-released bodycam video shows Dallas police officers shooting a … Family members said it was not the first time they've called police for help …

San Jose Police Officer Changes Plea Back To Not Guilty On Rape, Felony Assault Charges

A San Jose police officer charged with rape and … his former wife to the point she called police and obtained a protective order.

Woman testifies her infant daughter was in the bed when former police officer raped her

Former Grand Rapids Police officer Ryan Bruggink, right, walks past reporters … She said she eventually called Michigan State Police, after which time …

Fresno burglar found dead inside wall, police say

It started out normal enough, the property owner called police after finding a shattered back window. "He looked inside he noticed and found pieces of …

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