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Dr. Dre Reportedly Being Sued For $6 Million

The '70s R&B singer claims he's been "screwed out of royalties, fees, sales and has had his reputation damaged as a result of Dre's actions." Dr. Dre …

Former “Brady Bunch” star “Greg” AKA Barry Williams sued by ex girlfriend

Barry Williams is fighting back against allegations that he abandoned his girlfriend and their 3-year-old daughter.

Williams, who is best known for playing as Greg Brady from the 1970s sitcom “The Brady Bunch,” tells Inside Edition that the allegations are nothing more than “the rants of a scorned woman.”

Elizabeth Kennedy claims Williams allowed her and their daughter to be evicted two weeks before Christmas. She’s filed a lawsuit claiming Williams left her and their child nearly homeless and broke.

Michael Bay sued by construction worker hired on his mansion

The worker is suing to be compensated for lost wages and damages as well as medical reimbursement since he couldn't work due to the injury.

Vanilla Ice says his arrest for burglary was ‘blown out of proportion’

Vanilla Ice was arrested for burglary in Florida last week and has already spoken out about it. But he was on Good Morning America this morning and …

John Lennon’s Son Is Being Sued for $10 Million Over a Tree

Sean Lennon’s next-door neighbors in New York’s West Village — who just happen to be the parents of Oscar-winning actress Marisa Tomei — are suing him for a whopping $10 million over a tree.

According to the NY Post, a lawsuit filed at Manhattan Supreme Court claims that roots from 60-foot-high ailanthus have “compromised the basement wall and interior” of the Tomei’s nearby townhouse, causing “irreparable damage to the structural integrity of the building.” Lennon attorney Jonas Herbsman expressed surprise by the $10 million figure attached to the complaint. “Over a tree,” he said.

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Jury sides with Rick Springfield in butt-injury lawsuit

A jury has ruled that 1980s pop star Rick Springfield didn’t injure a woman at a New York State Fair concert a decade ago.

The singer known for his 1981 hit “Jessie’s Girl” was sued by 45-year-old Vicki Calcagno of Liverpool, New York, who said she suffered serious injuries when Springfield fell into herduring a 2004 concert in suburban Syracuse. She said Springfield’s buttocks hit her head, causing lasting injuries.

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Bill Cosby sexual abuse accuser meets with police amid investigation

Bill Cosby,

A second woman has met with the Los Angeles Police Department about allegations that she was sexually assaulted by comedian Bill Cosby.

Model Chloe Goins spoke with detectives for two hours today (January 14) about claims that Cosby drugged and abused her when she visited the Playboy Mansion at age 18 in 2008.

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Yet Again, Donald Trump Sues Because Airplanes Fly Over His Club Sometimes

Donald Trump says the Palm Beach International Airport is routing planes over his Mar-a-Lago club just to spite the millionaire mogul, so he's suing …

Police investigate alleged ‘groping’ incident in ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ house

Police are now investigating the alleged "groping" incident that caused former Baywatch star Jeremy Jackson to be thrown out of the Celebrity Big …

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