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Dumb Criminal

“Britain’s Dumbest Criminal” tries to hide stolen car at POLICE station … in front of police

Heywood and Middleton police put out dumbest criminal alert on Twitter and Facebook Credit: GMP Greater Manchester Police say they have found “Britain’s dumbest criminal” after a thief tried to hide a stolen Mercedes in the police station car park.


What the future of crime looks like

“Only the really, really dumb criminals are doing bank heists,” said. In 2013, a crime ring sent prepaid MasterCard debit cards, which had been hacked to have big balances and no withdrawal limit, to associates in 27 different countries, including the U.S …


FACE-BOOKED! Britain’s dumbest criminals who got caught WEB-handed

But they are not the only bozos who have fallen foul of social media. Here, we bring you the best of Britain’ dumbest crooks who got caught “web-handed”. Cocky teenager Logan Rhys James taunted cops with a “Catch Me If You Can” message on …


Stupid Criminal: Forklift DUI

A 21-year-old man from Alaska was arrested after police say he stole a forklift and drove it three miles to move a truck he had crashed. According to police Aleksander Glushko was driving under the influence when he crashed the truck and left it dangling …


Inmate Frees Himself By Sending Fake Email To Prison!

There are some really dumb criminals out there, but for every so many dumb ones, there are also some incredibly smart ones. One such “smart” one managed to completely get himself out of jail without using any of the old tricks; he didn’t have to tunnel through the wall over a period of multiple years like Shawshank Redemption, and he didn’t have to disguise himself as another dead inmate like in the Count of Monte Cristo. All he had to do was get his hands on an illegal smartphone and do what he did best, which just so happened to be fraud.

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Stupid Criminal: Burglar Nabbed After Watching Movies on Victim’s Netflix Account!

A Netflix binge landed a boneheaded burglar behind bars.

A California woman says that a thief broke into her home, making off with her television, Blu-ray player and other electronics.

A few days later, she noticed that the Netflix account linked to the electronics was being used to watch movies.

Police traced the IP address to the home of 20-year-old Bobby Alexander, where they allegedly found the stolen items.

Alexander has been charged with burglary and is being held on $75,000 bail.

Ambulance Hijacking = Stupid Criminal! WTF!

Law WTF Stupid Criminal Dumb Crazy LoL Police Ambulance

We have all heard of people having a knife pulled on them and having their vehicle stolen but the vehicle isn’t usually an ambulance.

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Man calls 911 while being arrested

A LaGrange man called 911 on his cellphone during a traffic stop Wednesday as police were arresting him.

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Dumb Criminal: Wanted Man Turns Himself in After Commenting on Facebook Police Post

Butler County Sheriff’s deputies confirm the man who responded to his own wanted poste has turned himself in.

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