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Suit: Man Rendered Impotent After NY Jail Doctors Ignored 6-Day Erection

A former inmate at the Manhattan Detention Complex claims in a lawsuit that damage sustained to his penis from a six-day erection that went untreated while he was in custody has left him permanently impotent. Rodney Cotton had been taking Risperdal—an antidepressant that is known to cause painful and prolonged erections known as priapism.

Cotton, who was locked up after a parole violation in 2011, told DNAinfo that he saw two doctors who both simply gave him Tylenol and ice packs before he was taken to Bellevue Hospital and given surgery, four days after he initially made a complaint. One of the doctors is also being sued for allegedly telling another inmate to throw part of his severed finger in the trash, rather than attempting to preserve it.


Penis Erection Lasts For Weeks, Veteran Sues Doctors Who Made Fun Of Him

penis cut off by doctor

When a prescribed medication caused a penis erection to last for weeks, veteran Edward Stallings was obviously upset. Matters only became worse when doctors started making fun of the situation, and now the veteran is suing the VA hospital.

This particular story about a long-lasting penis erection did not start with Viagra, as might be assumed. Instead, Stallings was being treated for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and was prescribed a single dosage of antidepressant Trazodon as a sleep aid. The painful erection that resulted ended with Stallings driving himself to the VA hospital, but his suffering did not end there.

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