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Police officer suspended after setting up facebook acct. to get child porn!

CYPRUS: A 35-year-old drug squad (YKAN) officer has been suspended on orders from the police chief while criminal and disciplinary offences against him are investigated involving a teenage girl who was a minor at the time, deputy police spokesperson Nicoletta Tyrimou has said.

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The good times Penn State frat boys had while posting Facebook pics of nude unconscious coeds

The result could be criminal charges, local police said on Tuesday. … “Some of the postings were of nude females that appeared to be passed out and …

Facebook gets sued for Sex and Race Discrimination!

As the Ellen Pao sex discrimination trial continues to captivate Silicon Valley, the law firm representing Ms. Pao has filed a bias case on behalf of another woman against an even bigger target: Facebook.

Chia Hong, who worked for Facebook from 2010 to 2013, said that she faced discrimination, harassment and retaliation — and was eventually fired — because she is a woman and of Taiwanese descent, according to a lawsuit filed Monday in state court in San Mateo County, where the company is based.

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Dumb Criminal: Wanted Man Turns Himself in After Commenting on Facebook Police Post

Butler County Sheriff’s deputies confirm the man who responded to his own wanted poste has turned himself in.

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Penn State Frat Suspended Over Facebook Page Filled With Photos of Nude, Unconscious Women

A fraternity at Pennsylvania State University has been suspended after police accused members of operating a secret Facebook page that featured …

BREAKING: Facebook can now be sued in a user’s home country

Facebook can be sued in a user's home country if it tries to censor content, following a ruling by the High Court in Paris. A French teacher took the …

Whatapp’s Near-Suspension in Brazil Highlights Legal Concerns for Web Firms

SAO PAULO, Brazil—The decision by a county judge that nearly forced the suspension of Facebook Inc.'s Whatsapp throughout Brazil this week has …

Facebook to be sued by Native American over real-name policy

Facebook to be sued by Native American over real-name policy. Sorry, something happened and we couldn't sign you up. Please come back later and …

Teen allegedly tricks boys into sharing nude pictures

A teen in the Poconos allegedly set up a fake Facebook account to get back at the people he says bullied him.

It all started with the alleged victims receiving a Facebook friend request from someone named Jessica Carabello.

What the teen boys didn’t know – was that Jessica was really a 14-year-old boy from Tobyhanna, Pennsylvania.

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