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2 Ferguson police officers quit; court clerk fired after Justice report

(CNN) Racist emails — like one that depicted President Obama as a chimpanzee — resulted in three Ferguson, Missouri, city employees resigning or …

Ferguson Grand Juror Sues for Right to Speak About Case

A grand juror sued the St. Louis County prosecutor on Monday, seeking to speak publicly about the case of a white police officer in Ferguson, Mo., fatally shooting an unarmed African-American teenager.

The unidentified plaintiff, bound to secrecy under Missouri law, said in the federal lawsuit that the public’s impression of the grand jury’s work was “not entirely accurate.”

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Ferguson Police Sued for $41.5 Million Over Civil Rights Abuses

Image Associated Press

Six plaintiffs are suing the Ferguson and St. Louis County police forces, alleging that the officers’ arrests and use of tear gas and rubber bullets violated their civil rights.

During protests following the August 9 shooting of unarmed Missouri teen Michael Brown by Officer Darren Wilson, hundreds of people were arrested by officers, who used tear gas and rubber bullets to break up crowds. The plaintiffs are seeking $41.5 million from the two police forces, both of their police chiefs and a series of unnamed Officer John Does,

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Ferguson cop who arrested journalist being sued for tying up and choking 12-year-old boy

Ferguson Police Officer Justin Cosma [Huffington Post]

A police officer who arrested a journalist earlier this month in Ferguson, Missouri is also facing a federal civil rights lawsuit for allegedly attacking a 12-year-old boy while working for another department two years ago, the Huffington Post reported.

According to the Post‘s Ashley Alman and Ryan J. Reilly, the lawsuit, filed in September 2012 in a Missouri federal court, accuses Officer Justin Cosma of choking the boy around the neck and throwing him to the ground during a June 2010 encounter.

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Ferguson Cop said protesters ‘should have been put down like a rabid dog’ ! WTF!

St. Louis Area Cop On Ferguson Protesters: ‘Where Is A Muslim With A ...08202014_Ferguson_Police_original.jpg

Police kept a low profile, in sharp contrast to previous nights when they fired tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse protesters near the quiet residential street where Brown was fatally shot at least six times in broad daylight.

The police department in Glendale, another St Louis suburb, announced the suspension of Matthew Pappert, the latest police officer from the St Louis area in three days to be suspended for questionable conduct amid the Ferguson protests.

“I’m sick of these protesters. You are a burden on society and a blight on the community,” wrote Mr Pappert in one of at least five posts that were posted to Facebook.

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Teacher had students reenact Ferguson shooting!

A 6th grade Brantley Elementary teacher was suspended Wednesday after a Tuesday Facebook post revealed that the teacher allegedly instructed her students to reenact a recent Ferguson, Mo. shooting known nationwide. (Sarah Robinson | Times-Journal)

An Alabama sixth-grade teacher has been suspended after she reportedly instructed students to reenact as a “skit” the Ferguson shooting in class.

A parent posted on a community Facebook page that her son came home from Brantley Elementary School and said the teacher “made them reenact” the fatal shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown, and that “the white students had to play the police officer.”

‘I will f—ing kill you’: Ferguson police threatens to kill protesters!

ferguson police

A police officer in Ferguson, Missouri, has been relieved of duty after pointing his gun at a civilian and yelling “I will f—ing kill you” during ongoing riots sparked by the police shooting of African-American teenager Michael Brown.

Two separate videos taken during protests on Tuesday night show an officer from the nearby town of St Ann pointing an assault rifle at a group of people.

After one protester tells the officer that his hands are up, the officer shouts “I will f—ing kill you, get back.”

A man in the crowd then asks the officer to identify himself, at which point he was told to “go f— himself”.

Viral pic of Obama dancing while Ferguson burned removed by photographer

Viral pic of Obama dancing while Ferguson burned removed by … moment that police and protestors were confronting each other in Ferguson, MO has …

Viral Video of the Day: TV News Crew Tear-Gassed in Ferguson

KSDK-TV captured video of Ferguson, MO police firing tear gas at a small camera crew reportedly from Al Jazeera America. The crew was there …

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