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Trans woman wins $15,000 after cops called her a man! WTF!?

VANCOUVER — Vancouver’s police force has been ordered to pay a trans woman $15,000 for repeatedly referring to her as a man and refusing to provide her post-op treatment while she was in jail. A B.C. Human Rights Tribunal decision posted Tuesday described how Angela Dawson had completed gender-reassignment surgery in March 2010 before several encounters with police officers in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. Continue reading “Trans woman wins $15,000 after cops called her a man! WTF!?”

Texas sues to block family medical leave for homosexual couples

The state of Texas sued the U.S. Labor Department over a rule that would grant family medical leave protections to all married same-sex couples, saying it violates the rights of states that don’t recognize gay marriage.

The lawsuit filed on Wednesday in federal court in Wichita Falls, Texas is the first challenge to the department’s rule, which is set to take effect on March 27.

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Caribbean countries sued for banning entry to gays, lesbians

A Jamaican lawyer has filed a lawsuit in the Caribbean Court of Justice aimed at forcing the governments of Trinidad and Tobago and Belize to scrap immigration laws that bar the entry of gays and lesbians.

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Utah GOP bill grants special rights to Bisexuals and Transvestites

If you run a Hooters and you fail to hired a bearded lady, you can be sued. If you are hiring a receptionist at a company or a front desk manager at a …

Alabama Supreme Court rules state’s ban on same-sex marriage is legal

Local probate judges have suspended the issuing of  marriage licenses to same-sex couples after the Alabama Supreme Court ruled late Tuesday the state’s ban on same-sex marriage is legal.

The state court’s order came despite a federal court’s ruling of the opposite opinion.

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Omaha man arrested for burning gay pride flag

It took Omaha police about 45 minutes to track down and arrest Mayfield. … "It's sort of bizarre to see a flag burning," Ariann Anderson said. "It certainly …

Police Called as Diners See Gay Porn on Screens at Restaurant

Police were called to a London buffet restaurant after gay pornography was allegedly shown on screens in front of shocked diners.

Mother-of-three Jade Miller said she was dining out with her young children at Jimmy’s flagship branch at The O2 in Greenwich for a friend’s birthday.

When her sons Alfie, nine, and Archie, six, ran over to tell her they had “seen something funny” she went to investigate, and found the X-rated footage in a large pop-up window in the middle of the restaurant computer’s booking screen.
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‘But He Looked 18 On Grindr!’ Man, 52, Sues Gay App After Mistakenly Having Sex With Boy, 13


A 52-year-old man from New Jersey says he accidentally had gay sex with a 13-year-old boy and now that he is facing a possible 20 years behind bars, he’s suing Grindr, a popular smartphone app for gay men looking for casual sex.


Grindr calls itself a social network for gay men, that uses geolocation technology to allow men to search for other gay men in their nearby communities. Advertised as an app for chatting and socializing, Grindr’s best known use is for casual, sexual “hookups.”

But William Saporano Jr., of Cape May, New Jersey, says that his three-way Grindr hookup went terribly wrong and now he wants the company to pay.

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Lawsuit Filed After Doctor Lists Homosexuality as “Chronic Condition”

A Los Angeles man is suing his doctor and a Southern California healthcare network, saying they ignored his request to remove a notation describing …

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