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Prosecutors: Virginia Mother Had Her Children Take Nude Pictures of Her for Prostitution Ads

Laws WTF Sex Ad Pictures: Nataliya Davis

A Sterling, Virginia, woman was sentenced to one year in prison for child neglect after police said they found evidence of prostitution in her home.

Loudoun County prosecutors said in one child welfare check at 44-year-old Nataliya Davis’ home,¬†an officer found a child sitting on the lap of an adult man who was not a relative, and there were roaches in multiple rooms of the house.

A tenant in Davis’ house told police he saw different men entering and leaving the home to meet with Davis for short periods.

Investigators said Davis posted internet advertisements to solicit sex; surveillance showed Davis escorting men in and out of her residence.

Authorities said after executing a search warrant at Davis’ home, they found nude or partially nude digital photographs of Davis which matched photos from her Internet advertisements. Prosecutors said Davis’ 8- and 9-year-old children could be seen in the background of photographs.

While in jail awaiting trial, Davis made phone calls to a third party in which she confirmed she’d had her children take nude photographs of her for her advertisements, prosecutors said.

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No prison time for mom who faked daughter’s cancer diagnosis

An Iowa woman who faked her daughter’s cancer diagnosis won’t serve any time in prison.

A judge initially sentenced 30-year-old Leatha Slauson to two five-year jail terms for lying about her daughter’s nonexistent cancer, collecting donations and giving drugs to the child.

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Mom who demanded son give naked massage gets Two-week sentence!

Two-week sentence for mom who asked son for naked massage

A Regina judge has sentenced a Regina mom to 14 days in custody followed by probation for receiving a naked massage from her then eight-year-old son.

In May, Henning found the woman guilty of invitation to sexual touching. but had reserved his decision in the case.

On Monday, Judge Bruce Henning handed down the sentence. The woman, represented by her father, asked if the sentence could be served in her home with an electronic monitor.

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Police: Mom left 2-year-old in car alone as she passed out drunk in bar!

Kelsey James' 2-year-old daughter was taken to Bristol Hospital for evaluation and was being held for Connecticut child welfare authorities. (Credit: Bristol Police Department)

A toddler was found sleeping in a parked car outside a Connecticut bar early Saturday, hours after police discovered her allegedly intoxicated and incapacitated mother sleeping inside the bar.

Shortly before midnight Friday, Bristol police officers responded to a call about an intoxicated woman sleeping at City Sports.

The woman, identified as 22-year-old Kelsey James, was taken to Bristol Hospital for treatment and evaluation, according to a Bristol police press release.

More than five hours later, James was lucid and asked hospital staff about her 2-year-old daughter, police said.

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