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Police say naked man standing in doorway is not breaking law, neighbors fed up

Residents in a Charlotte neighborhood say they are fed up with a neighbor they say stands at the front door of his home naked, but police say he's not …

Prosecutors: Millard North teacher asked for nude photos, inappropriately touched student

Police say the victim reported the inappropriate contact to a school resource officer last Friday, who then contacted police. The girl was then taken to …

Dos Palos woman arrested for allegedly stabbing husband over nude photos

An argument over nude photographs ended Saturday in Dos Palos with a … Police said Teltow and her husband began arguing late Saturday over …

NJ Man masturbated nude on front porch in view of child, police say

PHILLIPSBURG&7mdash;While motioning to a child to come toward him, a Phillipsburg man was allegedly masturbating while naked on his front …

Police: Middle school students involved in child porn case

This case is nearly identical to the one last month in Cornelius– where 75 nude pictures of female students from Hough High, Nude photos of female …

Porn-site videos lead cops to peeping tom who filmed nude women in mall fitting rooms, apartments

SEAN MOSES, an accused serial peeping tom, wrote a tutorial to go with a video of two Villanova University coeds undressing that police say he posted on a porn website:

“When you get caught out of position you ruin what could have been an awesome semester in voyeurism 101,” he wrote.

Moses, 37, got caught out of position.

And yesterday, Radnor Township Police said, detectives ruined his “semester in voyeurism 101” when they showed up at the Narberth home he shares with his girlfriend and their 6-year-old daughter and arrested him on more than 200 criminal counts for his voyeuristic videos.

Police: Man leaves woman’s nude photos at her job

Chesterfield officers are investigating an apparent case of pornography sparked by rage Police say Jacob Branch recorded inappropriate images of a …

Cops: Man taped nude women in fitting rooms, shared online

Moses also sneaked up to suburban homes and videotaped nude or partially … Police said they found a video Moses uploaded of the women labeled …

‘Pervert’ police officer who secretly filmed women in shower is sacked

The clip examined by police showed “full frontal” images of the woman, naked besides a towel wrapped round her head, Newport Crown Court heard.

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