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police abuse

Cop pleads guilty in dashcam unzippin

Newton, New Jersey (My9NJ) –
In Newton, New Jersey, young men allegedly got a little more than what they asked for when they were pulled over for traffic offenses by an officer.

Officer Jason Miller, a patrolman for 14 years, was suspended by Newton Police without pay and turned himself in to the Sussex County Prosecutor’s Office last week.

Miller allegedly unzipped his pants and exposed himself during a number of traffic stops.

When can you video the police?

Sixty-four percent of adults in the United States own smartphones, according to the Pew Research Center. Four years ago, about half that number did.

Many depend on their smartphones for online access, whether they’re applying for jobs, checking their bank accounts, paying bills, following breaking news events or sharing photos and videos. Never has it been this fast and easy to take a photo or video and share it online for everyone to see.

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Man’s naked body found in freezer in Napa apartment!

A man’s naked body was found in a freezer in his Napa, Calif., apartment, in the third bizarre death in the area in two days.

Police found the body Tuesday during a welfare check at the request of the 54-year-old man’s brother-in-law, who said he hadn’t seen or heard from the victim since the end of February, Lt. Debbie Peecock told the San Francisco Chronicle.

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Police Officer Kills Unarmed Naked Man! WTF LAW ENFORCEMENT?!

Police shootings and brutality of unarmed citizens is nothing new to America, but recently, the topic has taken on new life. This is presumably because …

Woman arrested for setting her hair and clothing on fire using flame from war memorial!

A Letcher County woman is facing a vandalism charge after allegedly setting her hair on fire at a Tennessee war memorial.

Police say 21-year-old Sabrina Leeann Brock, age 21 of Whitesburg, set her hair and jacket on fire with the flame from a war memorial outside the Hawkins County courthouse on Monday and climbed into a tree.

The Kingsport Times-News reports that while in the tree Brock was screaming she was “burning for Jesus”, that she needed the prescription drug OxyContin and wanted to go home to Kentucky.

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DEA agent warns rabbits get dangerously high on weed!

Silly rabbit — weed is for adults ages 21 and older located in Colorado, Washington, Alaska or D.C.

As part of the recent trend of legal medical and recreational marijuana, the state of Utah is considering a bill that would allow edible medical marijuana to be used to treat select debilitating conditions.

The Utah state legislature held a panel on the issue last week, in which Drug Enforcement Agent Matt Fairbanks discussed in grave detail the dangers of stoned rabbits, as part of a warning of how growing the herb can negatively effect the environment.

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South Carolina Cop suspended in for repeatedly punching man in the head [VIDEO]

A cop employed by the Columbia Police Department in South Carolina has been suspended without pay after a video emerged showing the officer repeatedly punching a man who had been lying face-down on the ground.

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POLICE: Child impersonated doctor for a month! Caught during OB/GYN exam!! WTF!!


A child in Palm Beach County is accused of impersonating a doctor for a month, according to the West Palm Beach Police Department.

Police arrived at 12:30 p.m. Tuesday to St. Mary’s Medical Center’s outpatient building at 927 45th Street.

The medical center’s staff called police after discovering a person was suspected of impersonating a doctor.

A patient told SMMC staff inside the OB/GYN office that a young child was dressed as a doctor, according to the police report.

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Police Killing Pets: Las Vegas Police sued over shooting death of family’s dog

Taxpayers will be footing the bill once again for alleged misconduct by Las Vegas police.

The date was Jan. 6, 2013.

The scene: A backyard with a “Beware of Dog” sign. Las Vegas Metropolitan Police officers responding to a report of gunfire in the area enter the yard without permission. Victor Patino’s pit bull, Bubba, reacts and police shoot and kill him.

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