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Teenager jailed for brutal murder and penis amputation 14 years ago still fighting for justice

His penis had been cut off, his anus slashed and his body wrapped in plastic and covered in rubbish. Police found semen in the 44-year-old’s rectum.

Then detectives heard a third-hand story of an 18-year-old fighting off a would-be rapist in the same city. Fourteen years later, Lobato is still in prison for the crime, and her supporters are determined to get her out.

Alleged Pedophile Alan Dershowitz Has Yet to Prove he Didn’t Rape Jeffrey Epstein’s Underage Sex Slave!

Alan Dershowitz Pedophile Sex Slave Rape Rapist WTF

The lawyers for four victims of Palm Beach perv Jeffrey Epstein are holding Epstein lawyer Alan Dershowitz‘s feet to the fire he started earlier this year when he told Gossip Extra and several TV programs he never met Epstein victim Virginia Roberts, let alone had sex with her.

It’s yet another Gossip Extra exclusive: Dershowitz, the civil rights lawyer who shot to fame as the defender of attempted murder suspect Claus Von Bulow in the 1970s, promised a ton of documents, including credit card and travel records, to show he could never have been in the same location as Roberts.

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Terminally ill ex-lawmaker begs not be imprisoned for child porn because he wants to ‘die with dignity’

A terminally ill former Illinois state lawmaker was sentenced today to eight years in prison for sending more than 2,000 files containing child pornography through office computers.

Former Democratic Illinois State Representative Keith Farnham, 67, of Elgin, suffers from pulmonary fibrosis and is expected to have only a few months to live, according to court documents.

Farnham’s defense lawyer had asked to allow his wheelchair-bound client to die at home with ‘dignity’ under house arrest, but US District Judge Edmond Chang rejected the request Thursday.

The 67-year-old dying man added that he, too, was a victim of sexual abuse betweenthe ages of 6-10. 

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Prince Andrew could avoid giving evidence in US sex slave case

PRINCE Andrew could avoid having to give evidence about a “sex slave” who claims she slept with him after prosecutors launched a bid to have her court battle thrown out.

Prosecutors have asked a court in Florida to throw out Virginia Roberts plea to be allowed to join two other women who are suing the US Government over the lenient treatment given to financier Jeffrey Epstein.

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San Jose Police Officer Changes Plea Back To Not Guilty On Rape, Felony Assault Charges

A San Jose police officer charged with rape and … his former wife to the point she called police and obtained a protective order.

San Francisco 49er Ray McDonald sues alleged rape victim for defamation

San Francisco 49ers defensive lineman Ray McDonald has filed a defamation lawsuit against the woman accusing him of …

Man fakes clinical trial, drugs & rapes over 100 women in Japan

A Japanese man has been arrested for allegedly drugging and raping over 100 women by pretending to be running a clinical trial, local police and media reported on Tuesday. The suspect reportedly filmed the assaults and sold the footage as porn online.

The fake medical study involved “measuring blood pressure during sleep,” AFP quoted the Japanese investigators as saying. The female victims came across the study through advertisements and agreed to willingly participate in what they believed to be research.

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Mob justice in Nagaland: Alleged rapist paraded naked, lynched

Police arrested Khan on February 25 and later a lower court sent him to judicial custody. “A mob of around 4,000 people stormed the central jail after …

Student raped by teacher sues School for hiring a known pedophile

An Oregon teenager sexually abused by a high school teacher has sought millions of dollars in a lawsuit against the school that employed the teacher.

The complaint filed Tuesday on behalf of the 19-year-old woman asserts Western Mennonite School administrators hired Matthew Yoder despite a previous accusation of sexual abuse and continued to employ him amid concerns about his behavior with female students.

Yoder, 32, was arrested in 2012. He pleaded guilty last year to three counts of sexual abuse and was sentenced to two years and eight months in prison. The state Department of Corrections says his earliest release date is in June 2016.

“This case will show that even organizations with strong commitment to pacifism can have a blind spot for sexual violence and exploitation of children,” said Stephen Crew, a member of the law firm representing the young woman identified in the lawsuit as “M.L.”…

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