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Prosecutors: Virginia Mother Had Her Children Take Nude Pictures of Her for Prostitution Ads

Laws WTF Sex Ad Pictures: Nataliya Davis

A Sterling, Virginia, woman was sentenced to one year in prison for child neglect after police said they found evidence of prostitution in her home.

Loudoun County prosecutors said in one child welfare check at 44-year-old Nataliya Davis’ home, an officer found a child sitting on the lap of an adult man who was not a relative, and there were roaches in multiple rooms of the house.

A tenant in Davis’ house told police he saw different men entering and leaving the home to meet with Davis for short periods.

Investigators said Davis posted internet advertisements to solicit sex; surveillance showed Davis escorting men in and out of her residence.

Authorities said after executing a search warrant at Davis’ home, they found nude or partially nude digital photographs of Davis which matched photos from her Internet advertisements. Prosecutors said Davis’ 8- and 9-year-old children could be seen in the background of photographs.

While in jail awaiting trial, Davis made phone calls to a third party in which she confirmed she’d had her children take nude photographs of her for her advertisements, prosecutors said.

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Supervisor sued over naked nighttime visit to neighbor


Sonoma County Supervisor Efren Carrillo has been hit with a $2.5 million civil suit for an incident in which he banged on his female neighbor’s window and door with beers in hand and dressed only in his socks and underwear, in hopes of having sex with her.

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Indiana Democrat Justin Moed caught sexting, sending gifts to porn star Sydney Leathers!

justin_moed_Sydney_Leathers_WTF LAWS

The porn star whose sexting affair took down former New York congressman Anthony Weiner has struck again, this time ensnaring a state lawmaker from Indiana.

State Rep. Justin Moed, a Democrat representing downtown Indianapolis, the state’s largest city and its capital, posted graphic sexual texts to Leathers on Twitter using the handle “Bitch Boy” and sent her gifts including a “Fetish Fantasy Series Pink Leash & Collar.”

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Police probe porn live-streamed shows at Public Libraries

Windsor police are investigating after a young woman performed dozens of live sex shows at two Windsor libraries with unwitting patrons and children nearby.

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NOPD officer accused of soliciting a prostitute, has been arrested, suspended

New Orleans Police Department officer Ananie Mitchell has been placed on emergency suspension after he was arrested Monday and accused of …

Guy Trashed ‘Spiritual’ Girlfriend’s Car after Sex Prophecy Involving his Deceased Grandmother and Sex Toys! WTF!

Oh Florida. You just never stop giving.

In the latest from “crazy ass people from FL”, this guy smashed his girlfriend’s cell phone and trashed her car because of a “vision” she’d shared with him involving his dead Grandma and erotic adult toys.


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Sex Machine: Wife Sues Husband

It never rains but pours for Chief Njelele's villages, as the chief was caused to preside over a case involving a Chemumvuri albino woman who is …

Breastfeeding Prostitution Ring Shut Down By Police, Disturbing Adult Breastfeeding Websites …

Authorities learned of the bizarre prostitution ring through an investigative report by Beijing News. The report revealed details about the questionable …

California judges censured for sex in chambers

140902-Judge-Cory-Woodward-405.jpgCalifornia Superior Court judges censured for sexual misconduct - CBS ...

Two California judges who had sex in their respective chambers – one with his clerk and the other with multiple women – have been censured for those acts along with other related misconduct, a state judicial commission said on Tuesday.

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