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Man Stabs Wife To Death While 7 Kids Are At Home

A man stabbed his wife to death after he slapped one of their seven children for playing videogames and she confronted him about it, police said Friday.

Goodyear police said the children witnessed at least part of the Thursday night attack, and a 14-year-old daughter called 911 to frantically plead for help.

The husband also called 911 after the attack, reportedly crying “hysterically,” apologizing and saying he’d lost his mind and stabbed his wife, police said in a court document. The document identified the husband as 37-year-old John Leo Davis and the wife as Michele Davis. Police said she was 35…

Teenager jailed for brutal murder and penis amputation 14 years ago still fighting for justice

His penis had been cut off, his anus slashed and his body wrapped in plastic and covered in rubbish. Police found semen in the 44-year-old’s rectum.

Then detectives heard a third-hand story of an 18-year-old fighting off a would-be rapist in the same city. Fourteen years later, Lobato is still in prison for the crime, and her supporters are determined to get her out.

Woman sees murder case tossed after 22 years on death row!

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An Arizona woman who spent more than two decades on death row in her 4-year-old son’s killing saw her murder charge dismissed Monday, bringing an end to a controversial case that relied almost entirely on the work of a detective with a long history of misconduct.

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‘Jerry Springer producer’ arrested for MURDER of her deaf sister – police think suicide note is …

A producer who worked on Jerry Springer has been arrested for the murder of her deaf sister.

Jill Blackstone, who also produced hit US programmes such as Sally Jessy Raphael and Rosie, reportedly called police on Monday and told officers her sister Wendy and three dead dogs were in her garage.

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Man’s naked body found in freezer in Napa apartment!

A man’s naked body was found in a freezer in his Napa, Calif., apartment, in the third bizarre death in the area in two days.

Police found the body Tuesday during a welfare check at the request of the 54-year-old man’s brother-in-law, who said he hadn’t seen or heard from the victim since the end of February, Lt. Debbie Peecock told the San Francisco Chronicle.

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Boy found hanged – testicles and mouth removed

Zimbabwe: A young boy was on Tuesday found hanging on a tree with some of its body parts missing in a suspected case of ritual murder.

Manicaland police spokesperson, Inspector Enock Chishiri confirmed the incident, saying the boy’s mouth and testicles were missing.
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AUTOPSY: Baby already dead when grandmother put power saw to throat…


A Chicago woman is charged in the death of her 7-month-old granddaughter, who was struck in the head multiple times before having her throat cut with a power saw, prosecutors announced Tuesday.

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Naked man who attacked hunter says he meant no harm, but still gets 10 years in prison

A young man who attacked a hunter on a remote hilltop near Manning was sentenced to 10 years in prison Tuesday.

Linus Norgren, 22, was naked when he knocked out Jeff McDonald, dislocated both his shoulders, tried to strangle him and dug a thumb into his eye.

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‘Michelangelo of buttocks injections’ convicted of murder

A former madam who bragged of doing black-market “body sculpting” on thousands of women was convicted of murder in the death of a dancer whose heart stopped after nearly half a gallon of silicone was injected into her buttocks.

Padge-Victoria Windslowe’s colorful testimony during her Philadelphia trial included claims that she was “the Michelangelo of buttocks injections” and that model Amber Rose was “a walking billboard” for her work. Yet Windslowe had no medical training, other than tips she said she picked up from overseas doctors who performed her sex change operation and a physician-client of her escort service who became her lover.

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