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Band director arrested for forced bondage and bizarre ‘sex acts’ with students in band room

A band director at an Alabama high school has been accused of committing sex crimes to at least eight young girls.

Jeffery Lance Gainous, 32, was reportedly only a few weeks into a new position in Georgia when he was arrested Wednesday on charges of school employee engaging in a sex act, WALA reports. Police said additional charges are forthcoming.

Gainous taught band at T. R. Miller High School in Brewton, Alabama, for six years. Cops say that he bound and gagged his victims and used other bondage devices on them. Some of the teens were former students, and none of were aware of each others’ alleged involvement with the teacher until recently.

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Student arrested for writing about shooting a pet dinosaur!

Picture unrelated
Picture unrelated

A Summerville High School student who says he was arrested and suspended after writing about killing a dinosaur using a gun in a class assignment has hired a lawyer.

Attorney David Aylor, who is representing 16-year-old Alex Stone, said his client’s arrest over a creative writing assignment on Tuesday was “completely absurd,” and is seeking to appeal the suspension and “proceed with the legal issues of [Stone’s] arrest.”

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Teacher had students reenact Ferguson shooting!

A 6th grade Brantley Elementary teacher was suspended Wednesday after a Tuesday Facebook post revealed that the teacher allegedly instructed her students to reenact a recent Ferguson, Mo. shooting known nationwide. (Sarah Robinson | Times-Journal)

An Alabama sixth-grade teacher has been suspended after she reportedly instructed students to reenact as a “skit” the Ferguson shooting in class.

A parent posted on a community Facebook page that her son came home from Brantley Elementary School and said the teacher “made them reenact” the fatal shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown, and that “the white students had to play the police officer.”



Eugene Schwartz is the 69 year old teacher which was busted for having a treasure trove of kiddie porn at his house (the pictures even included at least one picture of one of young girls he taught).  Well he’s suing the school for calling him a sex addict and says it is based off of ‘false and defamatory’ information.  You can’t make this stuff up!

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