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Suit: Man Rendered Impotent After NY Jail Doctors Ignored 6-Day Erection

A former inmate at the Manhattan Detention Complex claims in a lawsuit that damage sustained to his penis from a six-day erection that went untreated while he was in custody has left him permanently impotent. Rodney Cotton had been taking Risperdal—an antidepressant that is known to cause painful and prolonged erections known as priapism.

Cotton, who was locked up after a parole violation in 2011, told DNAinfo that he saw two doctors who both simply gave him Tylenol and ice packs before he was taken to Bellevue Hospital and given surgery, four days after he initially made a complaint. One of the doctors is also being sued for allegedly telling another inmate to throw part of his severed finger in the trash, rather than attempting to preserve it.


Another Rent-Stablized Tenant Sued for Using Airbnb

A rent-stabilized tenant at 784 Columbus Avenue on the Upper West Side could be evicted because she illegally rented her apartment through Airbnb. Landlord Jacob Chetrit sued to evict Stacie Poole for renting her studio for $190/night on the short term rental website, reports the Post.

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DuPont sues Monsanto!

DuPont has filed a lawsuit againstMonsanto, claiming that Monsanto didn’t pay royalties awarded during a previous arbitration decision. It centers around “gene-gun technology used to develop herbicide-resistant soybeans,” according to the Delaware News Journal.

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Former Fortune 500 executive sued for fatally crashing into a pregnant woman and her fiance in a …

The estate of 24-year-old Amanda Murphy sued Robert Dellinger February 20, the day after he pleaded guilty to negligent homicide in the deaths of …

Minn. family sues eatery over teen’s death from pancakes

A Minnesota teen with a severe dairy allergy died after eating pancakes at a small town diner — which his bereaved family is now suing.

Nick Cannon sues Mariah Carey

Nick Cannon is suing Mariah Carey for selling their home without his permission, according to TMZ.

I hope that happened after they split up.

The suit says Carey’s business manager, Michael Kane, engineered the sale of the $9 million Bel Air mansion the former couple once shared, and the Cannon didn’t find out until the sale was closed.

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THE FREE RIDE IS OVER! Uber and Lyft Sued in Memphis!


Adding to a growing number of lawsuits around the country, a Memphis taxi company has filed a class action against Uber and Lyft for unlawfully interfering with its business. The plaintiffs, Southern Transportation, Inc. and George Abraham, claim Uber and Lyft have gained an unfair competitive advantage over traditional taxi services by ignoring costly state statutes and city ordinances regulating for-hire transportation companies.

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Man trolls lawyer on Web, lawyer sues (guess who wins)

Technically Incorrect: A British man posts a scurrilous and bogus review on Google about an American lawyer, for no apparent reason. He is found …

Director Sues Cannes Film Festival For Rejecting Movie

A French director is suing the Cannes Film Festival for rejecting his work. Paul Verhoeven, 73, who shares the same name as the famous Dutch …

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