Two-week sentence for mom who asked son for naked massage

A Regina judge has sentenced a Regina mom to 14 days in custody followed by probation for receiving a naked massage from her then eight-year-old son.

In May, Henning found the woman guilty of invitation to sexual touching. but had reserved his decision in the case.

On Monday, Judge Bruce Henning handed down the sentence. The woman, represented by her father, asked if the sentence could be served in her home with an electronic monitor.

Henning said it was not an option in this case.

“I still have an obligation to impose a sentence that is required by law,” he told the pair.

The mother also asked to see her son, whom she had not seen in three years.

However, the Crown asked Henning to impose a no-contact order between the mother and son.

When Henning handed down the sentence he told the 33-yearold mother the in-custody portion of her sentence could be served on weekends…

…Last year during the trial, the court heard testimony including evidence from the boy who said that his mother asked him to give her a massage, a request he was reluctant to carry out. He finally complied when she threatened him with a lengthy grounding and the two went into a bedroom where she removed all her clothes.

He massaged her on the bed – both back and front – for a period of time while she made mediocre attempts to cover herself with her hands or an arm over her breasts and a cellphone over her genitals. While the boy did not touch those areas on his mother’s body, he told the court he nonetheless felt “disgusted, grossed out and wanted to go back to his dad’s place,” Henning said.

Court also heard testimony from a neighbour whom the mother summoned at one point to take photos. Henning said that man’s testimony backed up portions of the child’s evidence.